First Dear Sammy

Dear Sammy,

You are just over 2 months now and in the past 2 months you have constantly kept us on our toes. You started by surprising us 3 weeks early! Then you weren’t gaining weight for the first week, then you went right into “grunting baby syndrome” and we thought you were in so much pain (we have videos to prove it)! We were always going to the doctor, just to be told it was “normal.” Turns out, it was normal, you are now using the bathroom just fine.

You were starting to sleep shorter during the day and longer at night. That lasted for about a week. Now you’re back to your every 2-3 hour feeding and you’re up EVERY morning at 6:30am without fail. You are the only person I’m happy to see at 6:30am.

You are constantly annoying daddy with your noise making for no reason but secretly I think he enjoys it. He LOVES when you smile at him, even if he doesn’t admit it. It’s so hard when you’re up at 4am smiling and laughing, I know I’m supposed to keep quiet and not play with you so you’ll learn the difference between night and day but it’s so hard not to smile back at your adorable face.

This week grandma introduced you to a Mickey Mouse plush and to our surprise you started smiling and laughing, which we love! I cannot wait for you to start seeing and enjoying your surroundings so we can take you to Disney and SeaWorld!

You have completely turned our lives upside down and rearranged our priorities but I’m loving every second of it. You are amazing Sammy and I can’t wait to see how you grow up!

Love, mommy