Your First Fall

Dear Sammy,

It’s 2:15am and you just had your first fall (that I know of). We have your mattress on the floor in the living room so you can get used to it under our supervision. Daddy and I were JUST talking about the possibility of you falling. Daddy said you can’t roll yet so you couldn’t fall off. I went to put clothes in the dryer and he learned how fast you could scoot. Next thing I knew, I heard your screaming and saw Daddy running across the living room to scoop you up. Even though the mattress is MAYBE 5″ tall, I was so scared I started bawling instantly. As soon as you were in his arms you stopped crying and were wide awake. I took you and held you to “comfort” you but you were all smiles and wide awake. Now you are currently laying on me, where you belong, playing with my hands and drooling all over me. Happy Mommy.