About Us


We are the Frye Family. My name is Chrisanne, my husband is Dennis and together we have our baby, Sammy Nole.

We are a small, young family living in Central Florida. We got married in November 2012, bought a house in March 2014, and gave birth in April 2016. I’m a server at Disney World and Hilton Grand Vacations. My husband is a supervisor at a tech company near UCF.

We are huge fans of Disney and the Florida State Seminoles (hence Sammy Nole ☺). Before Sammy we would go to Disney 3-4 times a month and we intend to do the same with him especially as he reaches 2 & 3 years old.

We created this site for Sammy so family can write him letters as he grows and he can read them later in life. We are also going to keep track of his milestones as he grows over the years. This site will be the story of his life 💜