Monthly Archive:: July 2016


You are seriously starting to move little man! The other night I laid you on your belly in the middle of your mattress (which is on the floor in the living room) and you turned 180° AND

Your First Fall

Dear Sammy, It’s 2:15am and you just had your first fall (that I know of). We have your mattress on the floor in the living room so you can get used to it under our supervision. Daddy

Tongue Phase

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s my fault from always sticking my tongue out at you but recently you are going through a “tongue phase.” You are constantly licking everything and sticking your tongue out

Oh How I Wish You’d Take A Pacifier

It’s 5pm and you are currently fussing and crying and rubbing your eyes. You are SO tired and need to sleep desperately. I’ve tried turning you every which way but nothing is helping. When I give you

No sleep

Dear Sammy, It’s 1:15 a.m. Daddy is watching you so I can get a good 5 hours of sleep. He is so good to both of us. We are lucky to have him 💓. I took the

First Dear Sammy

Dear Sammy, You are just over 2 months now and in the past 2 months you have constantly kept us on our toes. You started by surprising us 3 weeks early! Then you weren’t gaining weight for